His head throbbed painfully as he woke from his sleep (?). He looked around; there was a rush of people, all heading somewhere. An accident nearby, perhaps! He wondered where he was, the landmarks were familiar.

He was still in that lane that he visited last night? Or was it today, he was confused. He shouldn’t have drunk so much, he hated the hangover. He tried to remember what happened last night, esp that thug who had pointed a gun at him.

Then suddenly a man walked through him. Shocked, he realized the gun-shot last night was real; he was dead.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields )
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  1. As our older daughter once famously said when she was little, "I never had a problem like that before!"


  2. Anonymous17:51

    Great imagery even if I did get a little lost on the punctuation in the beginning. I love a good ghost story!

  3. Clever story.
    Critic corner: too many 'last night's?? Not sure that you need any.

  4. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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