Recently, I came across this question - what really makes you so smart at shopping? Is it the innate creative side, your sense of money, or because you know exactly what you want. Give us a glimpse of your shopping wisdom!


It didn't take me much time to think. I'm a big time shopaholic. Give me some money and you'll instantly find me checking out shops/malls and spending away the money merrily. And even if I don't have the money, I still go shopping - 'Window Shop' that is, and create wish-lists in my mind of what to buy. So, shopping is an integral part of my life. I might be easily one of those ~ who buys not just necessary items but sometimes useless ones too. That dedicated I am, when it comes to shopping. Yes, we women out-do men when it comes to shopping, and quite proudly so! :D

With the splurge of online shopping sites, the shopaholic in me has gotten spoilt big time. There isn't a single day when I'm not browsing shopping portals and drooling away at the amazing stuff displayed - of course, wishing to own them all.

Why Online Shopping :

When it comes to shopping, we women are always on a look out for sales, bargains, discounts, coupons, cashback etc. We look at every opportunity to save money, so that we can shop some more! Online shopping has some cool advantages too, that's why it is such a 'hit' with women.

1. Saves money - ( transport & miscellaneous sundry expenses ).
2. All Prices are inclusive of taxes - ( no hidden charges ).
3. Best and reputed Brands - ( from all over the world at one place ).
4. Wider Choice and range of products - ( at our finger tips ).
5. Easy and Many Payments Options - ( with part payment/
EMI facilities too )

6. Cash on Delivery - ( I simply love this option ).
7. Hassle Free Shipment - ( free pan-India )
9. Replacement/Refund policy - ( no questions asked for damaged/defective items )
10.24 Hour Shopping - ( open all the time unlike regular shops, all from the comfort of your home! )

So, no more wasting time in travel, carrying heavy bags and ending up with tired aching legs. Do I need to give more reasons why online shopping is smart shopping?

Doing a Make-over with FF!

Recently, I thought of doing a make over of my living room. So naturally, I hunted many of my favourite online shopping portals. While many shopping sites did have a small section for home decor, I found, there weren't many who were dealing exclusively with lifestyle and home-furnishing products. Until, I came across FF. Here was a site dedicated to home decor and furnishing. As I browsed around the website, I was overwhelmed by their collection. Well, I give more preference to comfort than simply visual appeal. Do check out some items I'd love to add to my living-room for the make over.


I simply love this sofa. Its cool to try something different than the regular ones. So, I'll get this one for my cute living room. It'll fit perfectly. There's a wide variety out there, so you can choose any that'll suit your living room. And they'll arrive right at your doorstep, without you having to even get up from your chair. How cool is that?

A low coffee table is a must in any living room. So, I'll choose this particular one. It is a functional one, where magazines etc can be stored in the lower shelf, while enjoying coffee at the top. I simply love it. Place a flower vase or some perfumed candles in its middle, it'll be magic.

I like to play with curtains. They can change the whole look and mood of a room. Its important to choose curtains that'll compliment the colour of your walls too. For now, I'm choosing these elegant drapes while my mouse is already clicking for more.

I love wall decals, painting etc. It is important to decorate the walls of your living room, and not leave them bare. However, keep it subtle and never go overboard. My choice would be this sticker, that looks so cute. Its like being close to nature too. Cool Haan!

Can you guess what this is? No, it is not a flower. Its a wall clock. Didn't I mention already, that FF has some really 'wow' collection? This wall clock is so unique, and smartly designed. It is a must for my living room.


As I continue shopping, you can see how I am step by step choosing various items for my living room. Same can be done with each room in your house ( including kitchen, bathroom etc ) according to your needs. Fabfurnish already provides reasonable rates on all its mind-blowing attractive products; still, I'm choosing what's within my budget. So, I'm smart shopping! And you can do it too and be a smart-shopper. If you want more range, just head over to their website!

Why FF?

FF is India's Largest Online Home Store that exclusively sells home furniture; furnishing and home décor! The site is attractive, user-friendly and loads pretty fast. They have a widest range of tastefully picked and best range of quality solid wood and modular furniture from all over the world at unbeatable prices, all at one place! And all products are 100% authentic and are guaranteed by their suppliers with a one-year warranty.

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