When fate challenges you, and you take it head on, you become the 'Mia Woman'!

"It’s only a matter of few hours, and it’ll be over Nitu,” her mother tried to calm her. Nitu was recently engaged to Gautam and all set to marry, when her childhood abdominal pain started all over again.

“Appendicitis,” the doctor informed. “These days we have sophisticated tools. Just a minor incision, that’s all we’ll have to make on lower side of your abdomen, and remove that annoying organ. Only that particular area will be anesthetized, and you’ll be able to see it all for yourself in the monitor, live.” Doctor Agarwal was smiling reassuringly at Nitu. “Before the day is over, you’ll be back on your feet.”

All these medical talk made Nitu feel nauseated. She hated hospitals, its antiseptic smell ( that was signature to all hospitals ), and was paranoid to see blood. Nevertheless, with the support of her family and fiancé, Nitu ultimately got rid of the appendix, thanking God, to be rid of the hospital and hoping never to set foot in any, ever again.

Marriage happened, and with hubby shifting abroad, Nitu left her job as a teacher to join Gautam. With a domestic visa, she didn’t have any right to seek job in that foreign country, hence Nitu started home based work like tuitions to Indian kids. Life was bliss with arrival of their daughter Tanu, and within 4 years, they were blessed with son Sanju.

Sanju was barely 3-4 months when Tanu began to fall ill. Inspite of taking medicines, she wasn’t getting well. Nitu and Gautam therefore, decided to take Tanu for a thorough check up. It was then; the awful news hit them that shook their very lives. Tanu was diagnosed with cancer and needed immediate chemotherapy. Every day they had to run to hospital for various checkups. The doctors prescribed certain medicines which had to be administered at home, at various hours. Taking baby Sanju along with Tanu, Nitu’s life started revolving around hospitals.

Sometimes Tanu, in the middle of night bled profusely. Nitu would then have to clean as well as give the regular injections herself, as trained by the hospital nurse. Seeing so much pain, suffering in such a short span of time, humbled Nitu. Gone was all her phobia related to hospitals, blood etc. She had become immune. She made her mind to study nursing. This was totally opposite to her natural leanings which was more of arts/literature.

But, as they say, certain incidents can totally change our destiny! Nitu took admission in a Nursing college in that foreign land. Along with taking care of her sick child ( who was thankfully healing gradually ), Nitu devoted time to looking after other sick too. So dedicated was she in her work, that she was admired both by the doctors as well as senior nurses.

Today, Nitu is a full time nurse. Never had she dreamt while she was in India, her life would change so drastically. Fighting fate, the ultimate 'healing' route she took, made her more beautiful.


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  1. Nitu is indeed a 'Mia' women , healing bodies and mind. All the best for the contest.

  2. wow! admirable...

    1. thanks for reading sugandha :-)

  3. Nitu deserve it.. Great

  4. That's a beautiful story!

  5. Very often we find of ourselves when we least expect it to happen and what we least expect it to be...

    1. Very well said Disha :-) thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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