My this post is delayed, little intentionally, as I wanted to see if my post was really important or needed. As I received several reminders, it seemed it is. Then, in all good faith, I have a little complaint with the organizers. Just a little, mind you ( as BA continues to be one of the blogging communities I look up to )! Thus, I feel, I can complain a bit ( I'm blogger after all, and I'm supposed to write my experience of the event - this too, comes in 'experience' :D ). So, my point is, if our post was required and also was in the terms of giving a pass to the event, I want to know, why I didn't receive a pass at all? When I went up to register-desk, the people there looked at me weirdly. They hadn't even heard of blogadda, and passed around weird looks amongst themselves. Of course, my name was no-where in the invitee-list as well ( neither in their computers nor in the name-cards ); so, more stranger looks passed between them. I had a similar incident in the last #SMWMumbai event too, but had ignored it then. If the SMWMumbai organizers have partnered with Blogadda, shouldn't they atleast inform those at the reception-desk, that there will be bloggers coming? And, if a seat was booked in our name, shouldn't our name be there in the list to cross-check? I was at a loss for words trying to convince them that I came via Blogadda. And they hadn't even heard of it! I don't know if it happened same with other bloggers too, as I attended only the 1st day. Organizers and partners please look into this, cos' I felt like some gate-crasher! And, now that I'm done with my ranting, let me continue with the post.

My take-away from the event were the sessions by #madeofgreat Marketing head Delna Avari, and Suhel Seth's speech, that was laced with tongue-in-cheek sarcastic humour. The former spoke on great lengths on how they zeroed in on the icon to be the brand ambassador for Tata Motors. Here are some of my tweets on the same.

I liked the oratory skills of both these speakers, and how effortlessly they spoke on their respective topics, without having tele-prompter/script of any sort.

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