Of late, I been attending many blogging and social-media related offline events/meets etc, whereupon, it has been almost screamed upon us quite literally too ( by almost whoever spoke on the topic ) - that vlogging is the next best 'happening' thing, and that, its gonna replace text-blogging within the next few years! WHOAH! There were many amazing, and almost eye-popping statistics being showed as well, to prove - how vlogging has grown, in popularity, in the recent years. Many new apps, besides the famous video-streaming channels, are indeed growing today by the leaps and bounds world-wide. But, inspite of the hype, I simply do not agree to this claim. Yes, vlogging is growing, but will it completely overtake 'text'? Hell no! I don't think so at all! Atleast, not in India.

The arguement is quite similar to television replacing the print media. Has it replaced, even though initially the threat was there? Maybe, it has affected a bit in the sales, but print media is very much existent today as well, and thriving too. We all love our news-papers in our hands during breakfast, every morning, don't we? I think, both infact ( i.e electronic and print ), co-exist and compliment each other very well. Although, maybe, the television content, that is beamed 'live' is more fresh than the print; which comes one day late, or sometimes days late too especially when there is a bandh or national calamity of any sort. However, with blogging, the content can be as fresh or may be even more fresher than a vblog, considering the fact that vlogging needs editing, and other such technical stuff. Blogging on the other hand, can be published instantly; and, it is also an electronic medium like vlogging, unlike print.

Vlogging can also be a costlier proposition, compared to blogging. Yes, it can be done with a simple phone too, although, professional cameras or high-end smartphones gives far better picture quality. But, what about the bandwidth costs, right? Not everyone can afford the high-speed 3 or 4Gs now, can they?

There is however one more important reason, why I think blogging will never be replaced by vlogs and that is - because, many of us simply love to write - as in really write! And some prefer it anonymously as well. We simply love the idea of thoughts taking the shape of words, and jotting them down; whereas, vlogging is all spontaneous ( although, one can practice many times before recording/streaming ).
Besides, not everyone would want to physically appear in front of others, as vlogging requires. I wouldn't. Infact, I turned down many vlogging campaigns, with good money too - just because I just didn't want to physically appear. I love the anonymity of writing, although, I'm not exactly anonymous. People do know me. And the best part is, in blogging, you can write in your pyjamas too; but, can you appear before the world in them? Hell no! Vlogging, by the menfolk, may become more popular ( as they are not so concious about their appearance ); but, us women, has our own insecurities, don't we? Lol. Except beauty bloggers or very fashion conscious dames, I don't see vlogging catching up with the other female population. What do you think? Agree or disagree?

Tricks where you can do vlogging without personally appearing in the video -
1. Just do a voice over - showing the surroundings or the subject you are talking about.
2. Make a slide-show video. Add music or a good narration, it works too.

Do share if you know more tips! Keep Blogging, and yeah, also Vlogging ;-)

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