I looked at my watch. It was 12.45pm already, and the engine gave out a loud whistle. I rushed towards the train and grabbed my seat just in the nick of time. Phew! I was going to Rajasthan. It was a trip I was looking forward to, for quite some time now. Only thing was, I was all alone in the train ( as in, no one I knew was travelling with me ), and I had no one to talk to. I love solo travel, but at times, the loneliness can really bite.

I thought, I was the last one to get on that train, but I was wrong. For then came two females, with four huge suitcases in tow. One of them, a well built lady, was carrying a small bundle in her hands and sat in one corner, holding it close to her; while the other, with a much thinner frame, handled all the luggages. I wondered, why this lady, who was more 'hatta-katta', not helping the other thinner one, who was doing all the hard work of pushing, tugging, shoving all those rough and tough luggage, as though some super-woman - huffing and puffing away, of course. But then, when I looked closely, I realized why.

The bundle the lady carried, had a tiny baby inside, and this woman ( his mother ) was not letting him feel even an ounce of what was happening around. She held him protectively. Oh, how cute, a smile escaped my lips. I knew instantly, my fifteen-hour long journey wouldn’t be lonely anymore. I had this little baby to watch the whole time. Yeah..Babies are real entertainment, aren’t they? Because, no sooner the train started moving, the baby’s antics started too. It first let out a huge yell, as it wanted to get out of the cozy cocoon it was wrapped in. Boy, he was an explorer or what! But the mother was extra careful, watching his every move. She’d just not let a single jerk of the train trouble him. And it being a moving train, both the females took turns in looking after the baby. It seemed, he was literally a king albeit a tiny one, and thoroughly pampered too. I looked intriguedly, at the number of steps they took, to keep the baby feel soft and secure, the entire journey.

The baby in the train. Isn't he cute?

1. First, they made a little station for the baby, on the seat itself. At the bottom, they placed the folded blanket ( which the railways gave ), and on top, a rubber sheet that had soft fabric on its top. Then again on top of it, they placed a cotton pillow; on top of which, the baby lay. They placed other pillows on sides, to prevent him from falling. What meticulous precision, to give him a real sofa-type comfort and also security, while we adults languished in the hard leather seats.

2. I noticed, from the snugly wrap, to the head-cap and his other clothes; they were all of soft flannel-type material, that gave the baby maximum feeling of softness.

3. Sleep was a primary concern. The mother would feed him at regular intervals and made sure he got sound sleep. So, more than half the time the baby was sleeping away in his royal-palace.

4. I noticed, for long durations the baby slept peacefully, without a care in this world. The reason for which was, because the mother made him wear a soft pampers diaper ( she carried a huge packet of those ). Even when awake, he was smiling and gurgling away happily. It can only happen if the baby is dry and feeling soft at all times, which Pampers ensures ~ it being #SoftestForBabySkin.

5. The mother, before putting diaper on him, made sure to gently wipe his body with a soft wet towel, after which she'd apply little baby-powder in his sensitive parts. She also applied a little baby cream, to keep his skin protected.

On that journey, observing them alone, I knew how to take out-most care of a baby. The extra precautions they took, to ensure softness at all times, was really touching. And even though, the baby was only two months old, they'd converse with him and love him; cuddle him. Love, Sleep and Softness, aren't those what a baby needs after all? And they were on full display, that particular trip - which I enjoyed thoroughly only because of the baby :-)
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