In the rains, I venture out,
taking a dainty step or two,
As I feel the rain-drops in me,
washed away are my blues.
In the rains, I enjoy most,
delights of this season monsoon,
Fresh, cool, energetic I feel,
Oh..scorching sun, don't appear soon.
In the rains, I stretch out my palms,
to collect those precious drops from heaven,
The peaceful serenity of it all,
has my senses gently caressed.
In the rains, I await my lover,
to enjoy together the splish-splash,
Holding hands as we go,
Our bodies too feels the rush.
In the rains, I'm ever hopeful,
that time will stand forever still,
Letting me enjoy monsoon to the fullest,
Adventure pumped and its thrills.

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