I look around,
I'm surrounded by bushes and thorns,
How did I land here,
my puzzled mind, wonders forlorn.
Because, just a while ago,
I was on my way,
To meet my family,
for the long holiday.
The train was chugging up the bridge,
I last remembered,
When something hit,
I didn't even feel the impact.
Because, immersed was I,
in the scenery, so serene.
Lost was I,
in the beauty, mesmerizing.

I can hear the whistle again,
a train's coming this way,
My hopes brighten,
as it gets closer and closer my way.
Atlast, I'll be out of my misery,
They'll pick me up, when they spot me.
I run wildly towards it,
waving my hands,
The hope in me, never subsides,
even when decades have passed.
For, I refuse to believe still,
though my mind has told me many times,
I was, of that accident,
just another victim.

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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. These images are very hard to erase.. But, beautifully expressed!

  2. Loved the ghostly turn of events in this story....sad she has not moved on.

  3. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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