Its a sad turn of events, that the video highlighting the bitter 'truth' is being banned in India, proving the govt to be hypocrites of highest order. Some unscrupulous so called male activist wrote this on a forum - "This documentary and the statements of Mukesh is scripted and it is evident from the way he is saying things. He was asked to say those things as he might be told that it would lessen his punishment. Those who have viewed the documentary intently would have noticed it. I have collated some comments from different social media those clearly show that the documentary was scripted."
Mind you, in some post of his ( which he has now deleted or I'm unable to find any more ) in his blog, he had once wrote all blah blah about how girls should not wear jeans/skirts to provoke men. If I remember it correctly, it was on some Mulayam Singh's comment where he almost agreed to mulayam's skewed views, justifying that men get provoked to rape if women wear western clothes, and that boys will be boys after all and they do make mistakes once in a while. I hence find him no different than this loony lawyer who is defending the rapists. And yet, he has the balls to say that the video is scripted.

In the video, as one person said - "They don't even show a bit of remorse. Hell, They say it was done to teach a lesson and that the girl should co-operate when raped. !! It's basic human instinct to close the eyes when the wind blows too hard. He asks the woman to ALLOW IT when being raped. That the woman wouldn't have suffered the torture had she allowed it."

In any case, this ban is clearly wrong, as there are indeed men who think like those rapists; for example: the above mentioned blogger, where he clearly once said the same in one of his blog-posts, justifying Mulayam's comment ( Abu Azmi made a similar comment too, around same time ). Many other politicians too have said things far worse. There are other so-called well educated bloggers ( some being doctors in their profession ) as well, who expressed similar views as this lawyer. According to them, the lawyer is right. The girl is responsible if she gets raped; and her family too ~ for they didn't care about her roaming out so late at night with her boyfriend. In fact, that blogger mentioned that his own mother, mousi, sister etc ( i.e elder females in his family ) thinks the same way too, as to why the girl was out so late. These people don't realize that - nobody has the right to touch anyone without their 'consent'. They'll do blah blah that boy's body structure was such that it permitted to rape, by God, hence, it was girl's responsibility to avoid getting raped herself.

I do think myself too, that girls should wear decent clothes as this world is too dangerous. But does clothes only determine rape? And even if one wears something skimpy, does it mean men are free to pounce on them without their consent? Anyways, even little babies ( sometimes infants ) and old women ( in their 80's/90's ) get raped too, not to mention that even women wearing sarees/burkhas are not spared either. I agree with Javed Akhtar and Kiron Kher's comments in the Rajya Sabha ( videos below ) wholeheartedly. This is the overall mentality of men and that change needs to be at the grass-root level. I feel women are also largely to be blamed, how they bring up their boy child - pampering and letting them do whatever they want, while reprimanding a girl child to do household work or stopping them from going out after dark/their education etc. As such, men grow up thinking women as their slaves, who shouldn't resist, if they fall prey to some scoundrel's lust. After all, they are crossing their limits if they venture out late at night.

From my own experience, the amount of eve-teasing ( from school days itself ), to groping, touching, obscene/lewd comments, being brushed-against intentionally, whistled upon etc, I've been through it all as though its a daily routine that a female has to bear. Who is responsible for the boys to behave that way. I blame their parents and upbringing solely. And more importantly their mothers. A child is most closest to their mothers. Given the right upbringing, I'm sure these boy would've behaved better. However, these boys are those types who utter MC/BC like their main vocabulary, which they learn from others around them or their own family elders, as a child.

When I was in school, in returning time, the neighbourhood boys ( not those from good families but rather the lower-strata ones - except one, who did come from a good family, but, hung around with them; he was my sister's friend's brother ), would all gather at a certain place which I regularly passed and would eve-tease. It was so annoying and scary too, that out of fright I used to take another short-cut, that ran through a hilly area. On knowing of my changing of the route, these guys used to then gather on that short-cut lane as well. That lane was more scarier as it was used less frequently by people. So, because those idiots appeared there too, I again had to take the normal route, and once again they'd sit there and eve-tease. I used to take tae-kwon-do lessons, and the boys would do those tae-kwon-do shouts whenever I passed by, shouting my pet-name. Till today, I wonder who told them that I did tae-kwon-do at school, because, it was a convent highly protected girl's school and there was noway those loony creeps could enter the school-premises and find out. So, some girl only must've passed that info to the boys, and there were several girls in my locality who went to the same school. Anyways, their eve-teasing went on till I left the city for good.

But in Bombay too, I've felt hands sneaking through many times, in crowded bus/train, trying to touch private parts. So many times people brushed against me intentionally, even in crowd-less areas. I once faced one guy who intentionally brushed against me so bad, I got shocked. Even though I had learnt self-defense, you are not really mentally prepared for some random stranger to touch you, and for a moment you forget whatever you learnt as it simply stuns you ~ the feeling of violation, that is. Two boys who were behind, also noticed it and commented; "usne jaan bujh ke jor se dhaka mara ladki ko". And that incident happened when I wore fairly decent clothes, not at all revealing or anything like that. Many others face such situations everyday. I feel very strongly on this issue, because, I feel these kind of people only turn rapists in the end. They have absolutely no respect for women. And the real mentality of these kinda men are being shown on that video. By trying to hide the truth, the Govt has done a very cowardly act. We face such situations everyday, Govt; instead of trying to show the reality, you want to hide it under the carpet - SHAME ON YOU!

Below are links to the banned video. Not sure if they are still working.

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