For the past few years, I've been living like a nomad out of my suitcase. I have two homes - one in Guwahati and other in Bombay, yet, I've been restless of sorts. When I'm at home, I just can't wait to get out of it. Home, that is supposed to be a place of relaxation and ultimate comfort, does the opposite with me. I thought a lot about it. Why can't I be at peace with it? As though God himself was listening, I got my answers. I needed a home makeover urgently. Yes, the main problem was ~ I was utter bored of living with the same arrangements ( for years ), hence, used to run away at the sight of it. A home, like every other thing, needs to be taken care of; well looked after and made up to look pretty as much as we take care of ourselves, so that we can't wait to come back to it again and again. Don't we love attractive things? A home too should be attractive, to keep making us fall in love with it over and over again. Best way to be heed-over-heels-in-love with one's home is by pampering it; its various spaces ~ like I intend doing and make it my ultimate dream home.
I came across this site 'porcelanosa' ( owned by Spanish Porcelanosa group which has been around for 40yrs ) and was completely floored by it. It has just the perfect things, that I've been dreaming of lately for my Dream 24Khouse. Elegance, functionality and comfort, those are the three things I'm looking for. Thus, keeping those aspects in mind, following are my choices for the makeover.

the flooring...

My mother often comes to visit me in my Bombay home. Now that she is getting older, one has to be extra careful with the flooring of the house. Thus, I've chosen Porcelanosa's special anti-slip flooring. These, not just look elegant but is protective of you and your loved ones too. Porcelanosa Group and the Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (Institute of Ceramic Technology) collaborated to develop the special Nanoker technology which manufactures an anti-slip surface ( that is resistant to chemicals or impact of any sort ) with a smooth and agreeable texture that is long-lasting and requires little maintenance and is very different from other finishes that we normally see. With the entire flooring of the house changed, it'll definitely change the tempo of my house too.

the walls...

Walls are an important part of our home. Different wall settings can set up different moods. Thus, one needs to select it carefully keeping in mind what our choices are and what style would suit our personality. I'm a person of artistic temperament, thus my choice is Mosaics. Mosaics bring out different looks within a single look. They are not blank and boring. Infact, in mosaics many small pieces or tesserae are clubbed together that give different kind of appeal and characteristic. Use of different materials breaks the monotony and lots of combinations can be achieved to decorate and frame different borders or zones within a single room. A kind of canvas, it is. There are different types of Mosaics one can experiment with - stone, glass, mixed, metal etc giving a plethora of choices. And I'm planning to choose different styles of mosaics for all my different rooms. What is revamping without playing about with choices, right?

the kitchen...

Of late, I've discovered a new love. Love of cooking. Like a person having their first crush, I'm somewhat besotted with this new love. From hunting online recipes to buying kitchen appliances, I'm doing it all. So, naturally kitchen is one place I do spend most of my time these days, experimenting with all my newly learnt recipes. However, kitchen is more than just cooking. It is a family place. When my mother comes, we spend almost all our time in the kitchen talking and me feeding her my culinary experimental masterpieces ( :D ). This time, I want to impress her with a completely revamped kitchen too. I want to add some functional and elegant counter tops with cool storage options like shelves/
cupboards, ( that comes with integrated domestic appliances too ), worktops and some stylish taps as well that makes cleaning utensils or vegetables as well as washing hands so easy. All Porcelanosa products claim to be durable and lasting too, just how I want them to be.

the bathroom...

All of us spend considerable amount of time in our bathrooms/toilets. Its natural, whether washing our face early morning, having a shower, bath or simply answering nature's call. This very private space is also one that needs to be cleanest; considering that our negligence can lead to breeding of germs. We must thus choose products that enhances our bathroom experience, keeping the functionality point intact. I love showers. Its like an artificial monsoon happening right inside my house. Naturally, I'll choose a unique one to truly enjoy myself while cleansing myself of all the dirt and grime collected during the day spent outside. Of all the rectangular designs or organic lines, fitted or free-standing available in the website, I just loved the one I chose ( see picture ). It has multiple points, just like in the movies. Same is the case with basin, bath tub or the sanitaryware chosen; they ooze style, elegance and funtionality. Good thing is Noken ( of Porcelanosa group ) includes eco mechanisms in its toilets, thus, saving water too :-)

the closet...

I have tonnes of things and needless to say I need huge space for them too. Also, my closet is where I spend considerable amount of time trying out new dresses, beauty products or just admiring myself in the mirror ( yea, am sort of narcissist ). So, naturally I'll need huge space to accommodate my wardrobes and multiple shelves/drawers/dressing table. I love this complete dressing room setting from Porcelanosa, which is so spacious and just apt for my dream home to hold all my dream dresses, shoes, bags and all other accessories that I flaunt.

So there, with such amazing makeover, I think my home will become like a paradise that I'll love coming back to after a grueling day out. Now, only if I got to own all these stuff asap :| ( to make my dream home a reality ;-) Porcelanosa are you sending them to me anytime soon?



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