A ‘girl’ she was – often accused; trapped, in a society of hypocrites!

Not men, but women themselves were her enemies; nagged upon by her own mother for not being the favoured ‘boy’.

Married off young, she then became the favourite target of her greedy mother-in-law; she didn’t bring in enough dowries you see.

When she gave birth to a ‘girl’, whole world pointed fingers at her again, it was her fault!

Fed-up, untangling herself from the cauldrons of life, one day she finally took flight and decided to live life on her own terms – giving a hoot to the society.

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  1. how often do women actually dare to take flight?

  2. Righteous of her to do so! I marvel and grieve at the fact that such sexism still exists in modern society.

  3. That's the Flight of Freedom. Well written

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  4. I loved your ending.

  5. brave decision.. I support her.

  6. We are want to break free of the binds which tie us down, regardless of our sex, to breathe the air of freedom. Nicely written. Loved it.

  7. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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