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“On New-Moon’s Day, you’ll see;” Sita remembered his promise, as she made her way to the secret location.

He wanted to make their first meet very special.

Though nervous, she was excited too; his chat handle – ‘the_ Moon’s_child’ had intrigued her, more so, because he swore he really was.

“Where is he,” Sita wondered, looking around; till she saw the luminous Moon, and could barely believe her eyes when she spotted him finally; playing with the moon itself!

What he said was indeed true, she looked on baffled as he sat on it and levitated till both reached the sky – Moon's usual position.

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  1. very different take , I liked it

    Luminous Smile

    Followed your blog.

  2. Awesome. Liked how you took luminous and the picture into account, lovely :)

  3. wow..this was very creative!

  4. Very imaginative.. Good one!

  5. wow...unique it is....lovey dovey one....good wishes.

  6. thanks a lot @everyone :-)

  7. Liked your take on this, nandini


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