In a pretty dish you sit, looking so divine,
The colours and aroma makes me pine,
My mouth waters, anticipating tastes myriad,
I can't help but bite into delicacies so fine...

As you tingle my taste buds,
I slip into ecstacy,
The mouthfuls I devour,
Are coming true my fantasies.
Food, food ~ Oh! My Beautiful food,
You make me happy and feel so good!
The sumptuous sight of you tempts me,
To have an infinite affair,
Seductive as you are, dressed in
Borosil Microwavable Glassware


When young, I dreamt of becoming a Miss.India, a Super-Model, an Air-Hostess! But I became none of those, because, those professions require perfect diet-toned figure, whereas my love for food had overcome my ambitions in a big way; with my forever fluctuating waist-line bearing testimony to the food-o-holic me. While, people ate to live, I lived to eat!

Nothing is precious to me than Food! People spend on jewellery, shoes - I spend on Food!

So, the neighbourhood restaurants, snack shops were getting richer day by day, thanks to my faithful patronage. Yes, didn't I say I loved to eat --- but cooking? Hell no! I hated it. However, when you see close friends boasting of making yummy delicacies all by themselves, and proudly posting gorgeous pictures in their facebook updates, you do wonder 'what if I could make those too!' Whats the harm in trying right? So, since 'pizzas' were something I ordered frequently, I decided to experiment with them. my mouth waters when I hear Pizza! Good thing about making it at home is because you can go ballistic with a wide variety of toppings - which is the best part about pizzas ~ making them yummy and so unique.


Hungry that I am...I get a good sized pizza base first and then the fun starts. Adventurous that I am..I try the pizza in an awesome transparent Borosil Microwavable Glassware dish ~ just perfect for pizza. Putting a generous amount of spicy & tangy tomato sauce over the base, I get ready to play with the colourful variety of toppings. Where do I start? Oh..where do I start.

Onion slices, green capsicum and tomato pieces layered carefully, what follows next is something exotic ~ something dreamy. Jalapenos, Black Olives bringing that awesome mediterranean flavour, along with red hot sexy Paprika. Little bit of Mushrooms, Gherkins and a little bit of spicy fried Paneer shreds, some yellow sweet Baby corns scattered on top along with pineapple chunks, all set - this preparation is weaving magic. If merely the preparation looks so fabulous, what the end product would be like - supa-delicious? Sprinkle the herbs chaat-masala ( my fav comprising of Basil Oregano, Mint, Salt, Garlic & Black Pepper ) - ohh, even dominos couldn't make this any better. Lastly, before going into the microwave - I add the Cheese in. lots and lots of Cheese. Mozzarella, I love you ~ lovely fella :D

I keep the pizza veg for now, but trust me if you wanna try the non-veg version - there's no limit to the toppings you can play with ;-)

So, after a few minutes the microwave indicator shows that my Pizza is ready. I spring up and get my baby out. The melted cheese over that myriad rainbow of exotic colourful toppings leaves me awestruck and *drooling*. No matter how many times you see a Pizza, it looks fresh & wonderful every time. And a home-made one with so many toppings ~ Ooh la la!

My mouth salivates at a faster pace and I know there's no more time I can afford to waste. Want it more 'hot'? Then this is the right time to sprinkle those Chilli-Flakes and little more chaat-masala as per taste. Whats good about Borosil Microwavable Glassware is that ~ you can cook, serve, store, reheat in the same. Now, for a lazy foodie like me its heaven sent. So, with a pizza cutter I start cutting the pizza. Well, forget cutting I can just bite into it and devour it at one go, I think mischievously. I can barely wait to savour the yumminess as it melts inside my mouth. Piping hot, inviting, yummy and delicious as it looks - pure 'bliss' it is, so easy to cook! But then just as I'm about to take a giant-sized bite, the door-bell rings. Dang! I frown, what a timing ~

Maybe its the courier boy, I pull my face and go reluctantly ( don't wanna leave my pizza alone, you see ) to open my door, only to find my nosy neighbour and her two little brats waiting outside - their nose nearly plastered at my door. Their eyes twinkle at me with an innocent expectant look.
"Yes?" I ask, and before I know it they are all half-way inside my living room.
"Sniff sniff, some nice aroma is coming from your house ND, we wanted to check what it is ~ sniff sniff!" my neighbour said, looking eagerly where my kitchen was.

Before I could even open my mouth to answer, I heard the word ~ PIZZAAA!! in an excited shrill. the brats spotted my piece of heaven. Damn! I should've hidden it. But what did I know it was my neighbour at the door and not the courier boy! "You made Pizza ND? WOW! It looks lovely. Oh, these glassware are fabulous - where did you get them ND? The food looks so beautiful in it. You can make pizza with them too? That's great. Tell me more about it. Wow, you have more of the glassware in your kitchen cabinet - I can see. Microwavable, impressive!"

I was in a trance-mode - with all these non-stop queries hovering inside my head; with my unwanted guests having already attacked my edible 'masterpiece' too ~ well almost. Its 'Borosil Microwavable Glassware', I answered finally.


I had to use the pizza cutter after all - four pieces I divided. I didn't want to share my pizza with anyone - but well, life and its cruel surprises! Sigh! Anyway, their praises made up for it ~ little concession that was. Lets admit it, you do feel happy hearing praises. So, I was willing to forgive them - but with a promise to myself - next time I make a Pizza or any food, I'm not gonna open the front door - come what may!


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    1. thanks for reading @Tara :-)

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