A tale of a Crazy Brazilian :

For a long time, a Brazilian woman ( know her since orkut times ), has been spamming everywhere about 'a course in miracles' book. Once I posted in a Facebook group, about a christian prayer that worked as miracle for me ( as I'm basically an agnostic person ). Immediately, she started spamming my inbox about this course ( links, quotes et al ). Not just that, she spammed everywhere else too, much to the annoyance of everyone ( if they noticed her in the first place, that is ).

So, what on earth is this book about? Some pointers I've observed are quite interesting, enough to term it as thrash. See below :

1. The author says a couple appeared before him/her, for 9 years out of nowhere, in his living room and gave inspiration for that book ( which eventually turned into the ACIM course ). Now, can we really believe that crap? Just as we try to conclude, that the couple might be the author's imagination/hallucination or even ghosts, drops a bomb then, that they are from our future. Whoah!!!
Wiki : "This book records seventeen contacts between Renard and two 'Ascended Masters' whose last lifetime was in our future, named Arten and Pursah, over the course of nine years beginning in 1992. The recordings were later destroyed. It reflects the teachings of A Course in Miracles,
The Disappearance of the Universe has been received with reviewer reactions ranging from great scorn and disbelief to predictions of one day becoming a "spiritual classic". Some reviewers regard it as a hoax on both stylistic and factual grounds, such as for its non-mainstream claim that human beings migrated to earth from Mars; and to Mars from elsewhere before that."

Check the bullshit for yourself here ( read introduction+reviews - reviews clearly says its a hoax - see reference links in the end ) >> Here, Here & Here

And, this Brazilian believes all that! Ok, understood. She is big fan of it too, an obsessed one at that. But then, when I say anything about my own or other's experiences of the paranormal, she is like --- no no that ain't real, its wrong mind, guilty mind, split mind and God knows how many minds. If mine/other's experiences ain't real, why the fcuk she believes that bullshit book in the first place, that says a mysterious couple appeared in front of the author for 9 years/17 times. She doesn't believe in aliens/ufo too, but believes this crappy book, that says that mysterious couple came from our future times. The book is loaded with craps like human beings migrated from Mars etc, without any valid proof . Isn't that being a 100% hypocrite?

2. I was once a big fan of the book 'Thiaoouba Prophecy', and to a large extent, this one is similar to it. In TP, people from 9th planet visited earth and had kidnapped the Australian author for 9 days, to their planet. When he returned, he wrote a book as instructed by them. And yes, that book had Jesus mentioned too, but in a subtle way. Moreover, TP was written in 1989, and the author of this book started seeing the couple 3 years later in 1992, was he influenced by TP to write a similar story? Hmmm...highly likely! ( I must add one more thingy here; who is Helen Schucman, and who is Gary Renard? - former claims to be hearing Jesus's voices, and the latter seeing visions of the couple - and both are involved with the ACIM )

3. This book takes Jesus's name as well. But, it says rather audaciously, that Jesus is saying all the stuff in the book, which by the way are a complete contrast to the original Jesus/Bible teachings. It seems a 'quick way scheme' to earn money, by including the famous name of Jesus, who is followed by billions of people in this world. If people wanna learn Jesus's teachings, they'd rather read Bible, not some blasphemous book by some scammer hallucinating author, right?

4. I watched some videos from DOTU's Youtube channel. Some utterly amateur, stupid crap going on there. Interestingly, the guy who acted 'Jesus' in this video, had also acted as Muhammad in another video recently, which was very controversial and all mullahs were out on the streets protesting/ransacking. Further, there is one video where the author/producer are actually discussing how to make more people believe all that crap. Disgusting, I say. He was also mentioning that even negative publicity is good for them, as that can make his book/course more famous ( thereby, con more people ).

5. And since, I didn't believe any of what this Brazilian spammed so far, today, she went totally berserk and started posting all kinds of rubbish. This immature act of hers was completely opposite to what she preached ( from the book ). It was funny to see the 'real' nature come out in frustration. She immediately deleted that thread where she was acting like a clown, as soon as I said that - she had proved it today that the course was as bullshit as her, by posting such rubbish.

6. Even after showing her the wiki links, she remains adamant on her crazy beliefs. I'm having a good laugh over it. Will post more if she acts mad again ;-) She stays up whole night, till as early as 4.30+ am, hunting cyberspace to trap potential students into her scammy course, lol.

7. Earlier, she used the following pics against me, this time I've done a tit for tat ~ with some text edits added in :D

Voice in Helen' Head : Pssst pssst....
Helen Schucman : Who is it? Who is bugging my brain again. *I want a fuck!*
Voice in Helen' Head : Psst helen, it's me Jesus.
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : Who? *I want a fuck, I want a fuck!*
Voice in Helen' Head : Jesus Christ, I've come back honey! Oops, I mean Helen. I was missing you baby. \Janu..lo mai aa gaya!!!/
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : What for? Why were you missing me...Why is my head buzzing like this. *I want a fuck, so bad*
Voice in Helen' Head : It's simple sweety. I want you to write a course of miracles for me. *blushes* hehehehehe....hehehehehe...
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : You already have Bible in your name. Besides, what do I get in return. *I bloody want a fuck!*
Voice in Helen' Head : This course will be totally opposite of Bible. I want to fuck other people's brains a bit, you see, like I fuck yours everyday. Hhehehehehe....hehehehehe...! And I wanna make you famous, my darling. Tell me, what you want sweetheart. tell me tell me.
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : I want a good fuck. I'm getting old, nobody wants to fuck me anymore. So, if you fuck me I'll write okie? *I want a fuck*
Voice in Helen' Head : Oh...yeah baby! With pleasure. I can barely wait.
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : Can I get a sample fuck before writing? I always like to get free samples. *I so want a fuck, right now!*
Voice in Helen' Head : You, greedy bitch! First write...or I'll fuck your brains out by screaming in your head all the time.
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : Ok...ok ok..writing writing!! Promise you'll fuck me then? *You better fuck me got it?*
Voice in Helen' Head : Alright,...will get my condom rightaway! As soon as you finish writing, we fuck. It's a deal!
Helen Schizophrenic Schucman : Wooohooooo!! Atlast, I'm gonna get a fuck! We'll do a doggy, so I'll name him J-Dog!
Voice in Helen' Head : *This bitch is one delusionally despo, schizophrenic nymphomaniac* buhahaha.... *Satan laughs*

Some interesting links & discussions on ACIM :
http://www.garyrenard.com/ResponseNew.htm ( check article By Michael Mirdad )

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