Of late the travel-bug has bitten me bad. I keep looking out for travel opportunities and grab them instantly if I get one. This contest too is one such opportunity as it has a fabulous prize that has me *drooling* away already. I'm so ready to back-pack and hit the road :-)

In March, I had set off on a trip on my own to the South, and still remember that experience with awe. Now being a solo traveller, I'm always on a tight budget and have mostly learnt by trial and error. But these experiences have helped me never to commit the same mistakes again. With internet now, you have tones of sites to choose places from in advance ( tourist places & activity ), read reviews ( travel & hotel fares+food ), check maps how to get there.

But 'real' blessing came a website in the name of Skyscanner recently, that promises to take care of my rather shoe-string budget. Yes! It'll help me find the cheapest rates of not just flights, but awesome deals in hotels too. What more, it books cabs and buses at best rates - thus, for a traveller its the best thing to happen. And to use it you don't even have to log into a PC; just check and book from your mobile Skyscanner App. Unbelievable? Hold on, read further and see for yourself - the Skyscanner Magic!


While I had to shell out from my own pocket earlier, good news this time is that ~ I get a budget of a whopping 1lakhs from Skyscanner & Blogadda to spend on my travel. \Yipppee/ Excited as I am, I get things into plan straightaway!
If the budget permits, then this time I want to take my mother along too and show her some of the beautiful sights. Oh, how she'll love it. So lets check how we'll gonna do it, shall we? My mother wants to travel to a location nearby, as she doesn't like long journeys in her old-age, so I'll keep that in mind. Thus, my choice ends with 'Singapore'. WooHoo ~ one of the best Tourist destinations in the World! Lets proceed then :-)

Skyscanner is a no-nonsense user friendly 'Award Winning' portal, both available in Web and Mobile version - The Real Travel Expert. Without wasting time ~ I pick my destination.

Searching is easy as Skyscanner scans through various online travel agents to find the cheapest air-fares!

So, like a dream I proceed to buy the tickets choosing the cheapest ones from the many option it shows.

Just two clicks and my tickets are nearly done! \YAY/ Notice Something? Skyscanner donot charge anything. Yes, its FREE!

Next, I move to choosing accomodation. Notice you can choose cheapest ones? Just click and they pop-up on the Skyscanner screen.

Can you believe my luck? As I'm browsing hotels, I get some nice deal with great offer, saving me bucks! YIPPEE... :-)

So, of 1 lakhs, with two person travelling I managed to save a lot. Saving means ---- LOTS OF SHOPPING! \YAY/ or Be smart and Travel yet again ~ maybe this time on a short pilgrimage trip with my mother within India! WOW!

So, lets see how much did I save? Expenses are AirFares - ( 2 people ) Rs. 38065 + Accomodation ( 2 people ) Rs. 9629 x3nights = 28887 = 66952/- Total; which is cheapest ~ btw there's more cheap options in accommodation if you want. So, I saved a sum of Rs. 33048/- in total.
Can you believe it? Now I can splurge that money on food+shopping, or maybe miscellaneous expenses like cab/bus etc OR ALSO ON ANOTHER SHORT TRIP!! ( the traveller in me loves the last option ). Of course, travelling alone would've saved me more. But then, there's another joy travelling with someone close :-)

Now, that my main expenses ( i.e travel and accommodation ) are taken care of, I can really set my itinerary with a relaxed mind. I had chosen Singapore, because it has something for everyone ( young & old ). Plenty of natural gardens for my mother to stroll about in fresh air watching enchanting flora+fauna. I love those too. While there are lots of adventures designed for the young, and I'd love to explore those.

'' is the Official Singapore's Tourism Website, with a plethora of information about the exciting places to visit, things to do, amazing activities and adventures not to be missed, along with info about local cuisines too.

'Singapore' with 'Skyscanner' - here 'we' come! And with the saved money another trip \YAY/


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This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda | ( Images Courtesy : ) | To travel is to live a dream, but to plan a travel is a nightmare, for there are many checkpoints before you decide to jump on a bus/flight/train and go to your favourite location! The number of sites & portals that one has to look through to get the cheapest airfare, best hotel booking deals, car hires, bus bookings, etc. is overwhelming enough to dampen your travel spirit. Won’t you like if an expert came to your rescue and made all your travel planning easy before transporting you to your land of dreams? Skyscanner – the travel wizard – will make seem all the bookings and planning an itinerary a breeze

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