:: Today is W - WHINERS ::

They are everywhere and their numbers are growing!
I came across the 'whiner' species via the various blogging contests.

They forever have some issues or the other – but their main issues are mostly when they are not winning.
If they win, they’ll be smiling away ( singing praises of how the judges are fair blah blah ).
And if they don’t – God help the others from their whining :o

First of all they’ll sit on all the contest threads everyday, asking for results, even when they know it’ll take time. ( they’ve participated for years now still they keep asking same question )
Actually, more than the results, they just wanna grab attention of the organizers/hosts – a la ~ gimme the prize, gimme the prize kinda :D ( they sometimes drop hints too, regarding the same )

Not satisfied with doing just that, they’ll tweet regularly tagging organizers/sponsors reminding them about results and also keep ranting about how hard they worked on their post ( mentioning hours, burning midnight oil etc ) and keep asking if the organizers have noted their entry.

Some whiners whine when they see others winning consecutively, almost attacking them. But if they start winning regularly and others question ( like they used to earlier ) - then they get offended, lol.

While some regular winners also whine that other’s posts are not up to mark or worthwhile, and try influence results by posting that they’ve written closer to the topic etc and blatantly ask for consideration of their post. They sometimes leave nasty remarks on other participant's entries too :X
If they don’t win, obviously they’ll whine about unfair judges, or contest being rigged shamelessly – note, if they win then everything is fair :P

Some also openly threaten not to take part in contests anymore, unless of course they are made winners. Some go a step further and threaten to go to the cops too :o

Some whiners whine if someone gets multiple prizes in the same contest, and protest. But if those whiners win multiple prizes themselves, then its okay :|

So, do you have a whiner’s story? Then share it with me – will update with more points. Until then Ciao~ :D :D

This post is part of the A-Z challenge for April'2014. Except Sundays, post everyday with 26 alphabets.

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  1. That kind of whining is ridiculous. I'm not fond of listening to whiners, though I'm sure there are times when I sound like one. The whiny attitude doesn't add much positive vibe to a situation and can create distaste for the one doing the whining.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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