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Dawn approached fast in the horizon, illuminating the sky slowly and removing the blanket of darkness, of the night before.

He breathed fast. Timing was running out. His play time was over.

Oh! What a night it was, when he shed that annoying human skin. It was a lifelong curse. To be human!

But he had those days, particularly the full-moon nights, when the curse would fade – if only for few hours. And those hours were precious, when he could be truly himself! He loved the furry coat on his skin, those canine teeth that’d flash - a proud werewolf!

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers
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Copyright 2014 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Anonymous05:17

    Good story and I could feel his excitement with the full moon. Very clever. Thanks, Nan

  2. Dear Nandini,

    Clever and unique take on the prompt. One never thinks of the human part of a werewolf being the curse. Nice twist.




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