self-portrait, Francis Bacon

Ever wondered why we can see
everything around us,
Nature, wildlife, our near and dear
loved ones,
All with our very own eyes…

But can we see ourselves
with our own eyes too?
No mirrors, pictures, videos
or anyone else describing us,
Think why we cannot see ourselves
with our own eyes…

Is it a curse we are born with?
To be able to see everything around;
sans our own self!
I try clicking selfies, to satisfy my urge
to see my own being,
But alas it’s only the camera or mirror
that comes with an answer.

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Copyright 2013 © Nandini Deka

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  1. hmmmm. I remember when I took selfies before you could see the selfie as you took it. Blind photography, I called it, and sometime very delicious effect and lots and lots of mediocrity kicked in for good measure.

    Perhaps try it without attachment to seeing yourself as yourself. My bet is eventually you will....

  2. 'TO SATISFY MY URGE TO SEE MY OWN BEING' ~ indeed, it's hard to see self from the side...

  3. actually we can see ourselves in others. Happy New Year!

  4. It is true that we will never see ourselves with our own naked eyes; without the use of devices or reflection. I think this is why I love natural photos the most...you know, those photos that are snapped when you are unawares! I believe that it is in these kinds of photos that we get to see ourselves as we are seen by others. Interesting read!

  5. Enjoyed your take on this Magpie, particularly
    'But can we see ourselves with our own eyes too?'
    Well done and Happy New Year too.

  6. An odd curse, indeed...

  7. Has to be one of the most introspective Mags this week.


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