AmbiPur, World's number.1 Car Air Freshner recently launched its 'Mini Vent Clip' in India - which are an exclusive air freshner range for vehicles on the move!

To check for myself, its claim of eliminating odor and making car so refreshing, that one can feel they are on a holiday every time they drive and thus guaranteeing a #FRESHNHAPPY EXPERIENCE, I simply could not wait to lay my hands on it. Only problem was, the clip wasn't coming soon enough. While I saw other bloggers declaring merrily, that they received theirs with 'wow-wow's, I was the only one left sulking 'cos mine hadn't shown up yet. Days passed, and then weeks. What was happening? Why the courier boy didn't show up with it? I thought, worried. I had heard so much about it, that I wanted it badly now. I even changed my schedules a bit, so that when the courier guy came he didn't find my home locked, and returned without delivering. So much for the car-mini-vent-clip! It was like that special guest whom I was longing to invite into my home ( and my car too ). But then as they say - 'when you truly wish for something, then the entire universe conspires to get it for you.'

So, one fine day the door bell does ring, and finally I see the much awaited courier guy standing right outside, carrying the coveted parcel. Signature done, I simply grab it from his hands ( err.. almost snatched ), not able to resist my enthusiasm anymore. That day, I was supposed to go for one of my friend's function too, so I was thrilled that I didn't miss out on the courier chap. Just when I was gleefully opening the parcel, I heard the honk of my friend's car below. Talk about timing! Barely was I able to finally take a peek, and catch a glimpse of the contents inside ( it was inside a white paper bag, looking ever so pretty ), that I was yanked off with that distracting honk.
"Grr...just a minute yaar! At least, let me see properly whats inside. I've waited for weeks for this one," I muttered to myself, grumbling.
Just then the phone started buzzing too, along with an SMS that popped simultaneously on its screen. "Are you coming or not? We are getting late!" It was my friend's message, who was also honking downstairs like a mad woman.
DAMN! I thought. But thank God, I was already dressed. I pushed the parcel inside my bag hurriedly and rushed out. I didn't want to annoy my friend, at the same time I didn't want to separate from my parcel too, so soon. Will check it out later. I thought.

Packed in a cute white paper bag, the MINI but POWERFUL CAR VENT CLIP

"What took you so long?" Nisha, my friend asked. She was driving her father's old Omni Van. She looked at me exasperatedly. "Rahul's plane must have already landed, we have to pick him up too remember?"
I remembered, ( how can I ever forget, after all Rahul was Nisha's boyfriend ) but, Sniff Sniff...What was it bugging at my nose? I looked at the behind of the car suspiciously. No, sooner had I sat inside the Omni, I was getting a weird smell. It was very strong, and really stuffing at my nose. Nisha, was used to it ( she barely noticed it rather ) as she drove the old van quite often, and didn't mind it. But whenever I stepped into it, I'd get nauseated. Her father used the van frequently to carry medical equipments/medicines to his clinic. So, the whole car always smelt of typical medicines & hospital kinda. My nose was now getting tortured by it, and I shifted in my place uncomfortably.
"What happened?" Nisha asked, "You are looking around as if you never sat on this car before." She carefully navigated her way through the busy noon traffic.
"The smell, Nisha," I complained, "Its intolerable. How do you manage to ignore it, like the way you do. Its nauseating." I hopelessly tried covering my nose with my hanky.
"Ha ha, I was born to this smell remember? Yes, sometimes it does get strong, but we live with it. Its part of our lives," Nisha smiled patronizingly. "Don't forget these medicines cure humanity. So whats a little bit of smell, no?"

Of course, she was used to it. But I couldn't take this 'smell philosophy' from her at all. Man, it was terrible and suffocating inside. Add to it, the car was an ancient one and it's aged upholstery smelt weird too as well. I didn't like it at all, and just wished the jouney would end soon.
"By the way ND, you didn't answer my earlier question. What were you doing, coming out so late? Some boyfriend haan?" She was teasing me now.
"Shut up Nisha! I already told you about that. The courier boy finally delivered the vent-clip I was waiting for so long."
"Oh you mean that car-wala scent?" Nisha asked dis-interestedly, "What about it? Some review thing you had to write, right? Kuch bhi likh deti. Whats so special about it?"
"It is not just a car-scent. Its Ambipur Car Mini Vent Clip, that promises to bring #FRESHNHAPPY EXPERIENCE every time you plug it in your car." I said, proudly patting my bag happily, inside which the treasure was resting.
"Those are just marketing gimicks. Don't be so naive, ND!" Nisha said, nonchalantly, "Just to make people buy - they use all these fancy terms."
"Oh you know nothing," I was getting annoyed now. She was brushing away my treasure off so casually.
"Oh yeah? Proof baby proof! Where's the proof? You prove it, then talk, sweetheart!"

So, she was challenging me now. I gritted my teeth. Fine I accept the challenge, I decided. I looked at her and gave a slow wicked grin before saying.
"Why not try it in this smelly 'khatara' of yours, that you call your precious car? I bet the vent clip can instantly eliminate its irritating medicine odor!" Secretly, I was hoping that the vent clip wouldn't fail me, now that I'd taken the challenge head on. While outside, I put on a brave face. Ambipur saath hai toh kya fikar hai, kinda...
Nisha, looked at me and at once screeched the van to a halt on the side of the road. Oh boy, she loved challenges too, didn't she? She craved them! And this one landed right on her platter.

Strong 'Clip-Holders' behind makes it 'FIT' snugly to the car's dashboard air vent!

"Give it to me, I'll see what that tiny thing of yours can do to the decades old supreme signature smell of my precious van." Nisha held out her hand.
I couldn't back out now. I was the one who was grumbling about the smell all the time and singing praises of the vent clip. Now I had to prove it as well or have my nose cut-off altogether. Well lets get on with it, I thought surrendering, and dived my hand into my bag, taking out the treasure along with it. It indeed seem tiny now, in front of Nisha's glare. She took it with a smirk, and attached it on the car's AC vent.

"It has an adjusting feature," I quipped, bit nervously ( I had to win this bet anyhow ), "You can control by moving that slider on top." I was hoping she moved it to fullest, so that maximum fragrance came out all at once.
"Yeah yeah," she merely said, while keeping it positioned in the middle. She was definitely testing me ( not just the clip ), so no tricks. Then she switched the air vent on, before starting to drive again. Both of us went quiet.

After a while, I looked at Nisha. Well the verdict? I wanted to know. But to my sheer surprise, she was humming to herself and cheerfully driving now. Never, did I see her smiling away like this so relaxed, while driving. Always, she had an urgent, anxious look while maneuvering the vehicle on the road. But, now she had completely transformed, unlike the freaked-out version she was, just a while ago. Yes, before the car mini vent clip was on. I relaxed back in my seat too. Both of us were inhaling deep, the soft fragrance that had wafted inside the car from the clip, enveloping us. The soothing effect we both were experiencing, was as a result of it. Out tensed nerves had calmed, with the ever-lingering annoying odor of medicines completely wiped out. Both of us travelled silently, enjoying and savouring the new-found serene atmosphere in the same car. Boy! It never felt or smelt so good, like it did then. At all of a sudden, it felt as though we were travelling in a luxury car, holidaying, instead of the over-used old van in crazy summer noon traffic. The tiny clip did weave its magic after all. And soon after, to my great relief and happiness, Nisha confirmed it as well by saying, "It really works, ND! Unbelievable! But yes, it does. Since my birth, this is the first time this old lady ( the van ) has smelt so nice, inviting."

I was too glad that my tiny vent clip didn't let me down. And when alas, we reached the airport, instead of hugging her boyfriend who was waiting patiently, Nisha dashed off quickly to a nearby store to buy armloads of Ambipur Car Mini Vent Clips for herself :-)

Ambipur Car Mini Vent Clip : Priced at Rs.199 MRP per 2ml, ( less in certain online store's combo offers ), it comes in 5 different exotic fragrances. Lasting for 30 days, it has a fragrance adjustable flip-option to control.

Ambipur - Car Range
( Images : Google & Mine )

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