What do you do when you get a couple of Flipkart Gift Vouchers for entering various blogging contests - You go Shopping!! \ YAY /

Right! But its not the usual shopping, where you spend your hard earned money. Rather its shopping those stuff that you'd generally keep on a wish list and hope to get it eventually someday, although you are not really in a hurry.
I did the same. I bought a couple of things that I was generally avoiding buying, but did have an eye on them for quite some time.
So, here are the stuff I bought - 2 Books, 1 VLCC Slim Kit, and a Mouse ( the one used in computers you dumbo! What did ya' think? lol )
They all came within the 1400/- bucks worth gift vouchers ( with a balance of 84/- bucks left to spare ). Some of them did deduct 50/- bucks shipping charges, except on the purchase above 500/- bucks!

The Books : I'll provide a detailed 'book review' on both of them laters, so watch this space.

1. Just Married, Please Excuse : I was curious about Yashodhara Lal's Book 'Just Married, Please Excuse,' ever since I was part of the GPC, with HarperCollins India promoting both her and her book left, right, center and everywhere. So, needless to say I was curious to read what it was all about. I wasn't really ready to buy it though, however, I did look around to see if somewhere it was given away free or for a review. I saw and applied at the IB site where it was given to a few bloggers, but then I was late in applying. So, it just stayed there at the back of my mind. Recently, I read some of Yashodhara's blog posts which aroused my interest level as she was always doing 'peanut, pickle and papad' in most of her posts. I discovered that they are 3 characters of her book, and might as well kill the suspense and add that they are the most precious characters in her real life too. So, more than anything I wanted to know what these 3 weird named characters were doing in her book. Now, since I have got it via my flipkart gift voucher I'm all set to dig into the book and give a proper review of it later.

2. Alchemy: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories 2 : I got curious about this book when BA had announced it up for reviews, a couple of weeks back. However, it was only for select 10 bloggers, and I was quite late in applying. So, I missed it. I got the 'Chanakyas' book instead - and am not complaining! :-) Hence, the desire to read this 'hatke' book remained a desire till now of course. I didnt want to buy it of my own, but was interested in it, as it was 'erotica' and offered up for reviews by BA ( which has never really promoted such kinda books so far in their rather family type platform ). So, at last I have it in my possession via my flipkart gift voucher and shall give a proper review on it as well.
Whew, lots of reading to do this week! :o

3. VLCC Shape Up Waist & Tummy Trim Gel : Why I bought this? Oh well..I've been very naughty of late and eating almost anything and everything that comes my way, and also have become way too lazy to shed off what I've gathered. So, let me see if this one can make me look a bit presentable once again, ha-ha! But I've heard that it doesnt work much you if dont exercise or diet along with it. Now, if I have to diet as well as do exercise too, then what the hell is it for, eh? Did I throw away my precious gift voucher on this one?? Hmmn...only time will tell. Will post a review of it if I see any positive results otherwise - oh well!

4. Frontech optical mini mouse Black & Red : Why I bought this one is easy to tell. I keep breaking my lappy mouse every second day ( no, I dont touch the lappy's 'touch pad', I feel too uncomfortable using it, so its mices all the way ), and thus, I need to keep my stock full. I'm yet to try it, though it does look kinda cute ( expensive too for such a tiny mouse, sigh! )

All reviews will be up on my >> NANDINI REVIEWS blog!

And oh! I still have 84/- bucks balance to spare from the vouchers. Does anyone know what you get at 34/- bucks? ( considering that 50/- bucks will vanish in its shipping :-( BTW, I do have some more gift vouchers comming my way soon, so maybe I will add 'that balance' to it and go shopping again. Will update on my future purchases :D

YEAH! Some more shopping with 2400/- worth GV :-) Above were 'shave n crave' & 'divine is you' contest vouchers spent. Now, 'Bran rice' and 'Woman of substance' vouchers follows:

5. Kiara Tote ( black ) - For Women : Ok! I love bags, that's a reason enough I guess. Plus, this one looks pretty too.

6. Blue Heaven Sparkling Eyeliner : Well, wanted to dazzle a bit. I'm not the one for flashy things ( rather I like sombre kinda stuff ), but since I didn't spend a dime on these vouchers, simply thought of experimenting a bit.

7. Red Chilli Laptop Sleeve : My lappy was feeling naked, after all he is now over 1 year old ( I had bought him on march end'12 ). So, thought of buying it a new dress :-)

8. Pigs in the Parlor : A book that I've been wanting to read for quite some time now. Finally found it at flipkart, though its a bit costly.

9. Dell MS111 3-Button Optical USB 2.0 Mouse : My mouse stopped working, what else can be the reason?

10. The Devotion of Suspect X : I had read/reviewed author Keigo Higashino's murder mystery Salvation of a Saint. Heard from many places that his previous book was a cult book, hence just had to get this one!

I'm not done yet, there's more to come.....

  • For online shopping, Flipkart has been my all time favorite. In the past, I've shopped quite a bit with them ( 2 mobiles, hair styling gel, resistance tube ), and have never been dissappointed. Touchwood! My second favourite is homeshop18. Bought all kinda stuff from them too, such as : Drill machine, body care kit, cellulite kit.
    And how on earth can I forget rediff shopping. I bought 2 microphones, 1 blender, magic spin bucket, air mattress, air sofa. There are also others like TVC Skyshop from where I had bought slim sauna belt, herbal tea. And yeah got a book from Infibeam too. So, yes! I'm big time shoppaholic :-)

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    1. Wohoo! Looks like a great haul:) Enjoy shopping:)

      1. yeeeahh...i always enjoy shopping! thanks

    2. I had a bad experience with Flipkart. :(

      1. dont scare me now :-O ...i just ordered some new stuff from them which am supposed to receive in a day or two, hopefully

    3. Wow !! so many things..i too have to decide upon what to purchase .. the amount of the e-voucher is small though and the problem with me is that after surfing through all the categories I always go and get stuck up with the books.. :)..could you suggest some must read books ? ..anyways enjoy ..shall wait for the reviews.. :)

      1. i'm the last person to ask for book recommendation...cos i'll recommend Archie comics or mill n boon, haha. I dont like reading heavy literature which you probably noticed in my style of writing too...So you'll have to suggest some good ones for me...preferrably my brains don't get whacked reading them, cos i like lighter reads :-)

    4. That was quick.. so u have used up all your gift coupons.. m still deciding on things... :)

      1. I'm very quick when it comes to shopping lol =))


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