1. And She Slept....

It was morning, birds chirped,
The mighty Sun had risen...
The World had woken up,
to its morning glory!
She was sleeping in her bed.
She looked peaceful and at bliss.

It is now evening, the sun has set,
Her eyes still closed. She is sleeping.
Looking ever so calm...
Sleeping, Cos she is dead.

2. His Master's Voice...

It was that time of the year again,
Like always they were celebrating.
New Clothes, Mouthwatering Sweets
and Music they played.

He rushed to see them,
But from a quite distance.
That divide, envy, the same agonising
hopelessness he felt.

"Ramu!" he heard a familiar angry voice.
A servant, he went back to his chores.

3. A Fickle Friendship...

When she was new, a fresher...
In need of a friend and an urge to fit
in the club, she came.

Collected my company, encouragements
and appreciations.

Now, that others are finally noticing her,
She ducks and ignores.
She doesnot need me anymore,
Ironically the one who introduced her to all.

Indeed fame kills friendships!

4. And She Waited...

Dressed in her bridal attire, red sindoor, bangles...
Mehendi in her hands, flowers adorning her hair.
Waited she, near the railway tracks.
A daily ritual.

Had Faith! Her husband shall arrive.
Listened to none, all attempts failed.
Alas, those tracks was where he met his end.
Who'll make her understand, he is no more alive?

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you @aliasgarmukhtiar :-)

  2. liked the idea of writing the 55 fiction in the form a verse . Brilliant stories too !

  3. loved the servant one the most. my pick out of the 4. :)

    1. thanks @Ashish...glad you liked it

  4. Beautiful write up! Loved all of them_3. one was my favourite! So true na"?!!

    1. thanks @Bushra....yea I've seen it happen. its sad

  5. Replies
    1. thank you @Prerna...nice to see you here

  6. Third one is my favourite, You have a given a poetic touch to 55 fiction.

  7. I liked the second one the most.. I could feel his pangs.. a nice read!

  8. Wow, this is dope. I love all the four :D Great work amiga :D

  9. Thanks a lot everyone... @A homemaker's utopia, @Meenakshi, @Mixi, @Suganya <3 <3

  10. Anonymous07:13

    thanks for share..


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