Music has no barriers - And these 2 songs prove it!

I heard a lot about this song on various online forums.Atlast curious,I tried checking out what the fuss was all about 'Kolaveri Di'!! What it is anyway?
Well,my verdict is after listening to it couple of times,that it is an extremely average but over-hyped tamil song.It does have a catchy rhythmic beat ( which can somewhat pardon your lingustic incapacity to understand a word of it ),but dare I say that it sounds deadly familiar to some of the similar tamil tracks of the past.
So,I'm yet to understand the fuss.Maybe,you guys can tell me about it.
The video has had about 64,587,608+ views since its upload on youtube!So,it has really gone viral!Further according to ‘Airtel Mobitude 2011’,'Kolaveri Di' song has topped the Indian mobile charts as well by recording 2,10,000 music downloads within 18 days of its launch.
As per the study, the song has beaten all previous record holders like 'Munni Badnaam Hui 'and 'Tere Mast Mast Nain'.( Overall 150 million mobile music has been downloaded in 2011 )
One thing about the southies though,they surely know how to hype up things or else Rajnikant wouldnot have been a superstar.And I do mean it as a compliment! :-)
Whatever it is dont ask why ,what,when,how etc Just Enjoy the song !!!

This song is simply crazy.I donot understand a word of it,yet whenever I hear it I just wanna hop and groove like the Gangnam SPY or whoever that dude is.I still donot know his real/full name.But what the heck is in a name!Right?
Dont try to think what the guy is actually saying in the lyrics...just follow his crazy unique 'hopping' dance step and I guarantee that you'll forget all your miseries/worries ( in this cruel world ) atleast for a few minutes.It sure is a fun one!
Is it a 'rabbit-hop' dance step or 'horse-galloping' dance step - I'll let you decide for yourself :-)
The video has had about 834,481,172+ views since its upload on youtube!

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