HO HO HO....

It is that time of the year again!
Ho Ho Ho!! Does it remind you of anything or anyone special? The last 2 weeks of December are undoubtedly my most favourite of them all.And yes!I am talking about the X-mass season and of course our very own Santa Claus - the rolly polly,long white bearded guy who would now at any moment get up onto his sleigh packed with whole lotta goodies and begin his journey all the way through the thick winter snow from the north pole specially to visit us all.No matter which corner of the world you are in,Santa's sleigh has lightening speed,hence he'll reach us all.He gonna bring something for all of us that promises lots of happiness and cheer all around.When I talk of Santa,I instantly become like a child once again.All excited,happy and hopeful.

The guy who originally had invented Santa - really hats off to him for managing to capture everyone's imagination with the red tunic clad,fat bellied,ho ho ho yelling man!No one in this world has perhaps escaped the delightful fantasy called the 'Santa' althrough their childhood.And for someone like me who still love to believe that Santa really exists and will finally hand over all the gifts that he owes me,this is indeed a special occasion to look out for.Yes!He owes me all that ( after all I did believe on him and waited for years when everyone else gave up,didnt I? ) and this time he should better show up or else.... I'll wait the next year,lol.
Forever optimist me :-)
Happy Holiday Season everyone and Merry Christmas!

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    God bless all.
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