Social media websites are abuzz with news/tweets of the govt trying to police the social media and ban or remove any objectionable content against the govt.Anna's movement against corruption was a big success as they had used the mass-SMSes platform to spread the message,mobilise and gather such a huge support from the masses.Seeing this support the govt panicked and started a crackdown and made the move to curb unlimited SMSes.Now the limit is 200 for non commercial SMSes.So,as such gathering masses for any movement ( like Anna's ) is now nipped in the bud itself.
Not satisfied with just the SMS curb,now the govt is now attempting to curb the social media giants such as google,facebook,msn,yahoo etc as well from posting anything against the govt or its leaders.It has so far closed down various groups and pages where users posted their grudges against the govt.eg: India against Congress,Indian army fan page and many more.While facebook has been co-operating with the govt in closing down these groups/pages,Google so far has refused to bow down to the pressure.Google's response - Read Here | Govt had wanted 358 items removed from Google - Read Here

It is thus clear that congress is all jitters seeing the public wrath against them of late and will go to any lengths to gag these disgruntled voices.Now,with Anna's upcomming fast,and having already witnessed the mass support to Anna in the past,it simply donot want to take any chances.Hence it is trying to stop it at any cost.And what better way than to strike at the root of the mobilisation itself ie screen and censor the social media.Kapil Sibal and DigVijay Singh of the congress has gone on meeting with many of these social media website representatives to urge them to censor user content even before they are posted. Diggy backs Kapil

While Singh has even filed police complaint against these websites as well as individuals who has posted against him.Moreover,with UP elections around the corner,they are even trying to mask the curb under religious garb pretence which is nothing but them hoping to woo the muslim voters.So,by hiding behind religious sentiments they are actually trying to control content against the congress party more,because so far all the groups/pages that have been closed down are those against the congress party and not the ones inciting religious hatred or communalism as the 'google report' ( see link above ) regarding the Govt's complaints has already shown.Govt's double standards in censoreship - Read Here
Besides the internet is not like media channels like CNN-IBN,OR NDTV which can be controlled by the congress.

At present times a potential big threat to any govt is the social media,because it is the only platform available where the common public can raise their voices or question & discuss/debate various things including politics and the leaders ( besides other topics ) with other members.But the govt however sees that as a threat as these social media platforms can instantly mass mobilise people within a very short time ( as seen during Anna's movement ).Countries like China and Pakistan have already gone on a banning spree,but a robust democracy like India also following their footsteps is a greatly worrying sign.After all who can forget emergency imposed in the mid-70's by this same govt.What it is again trying to do is impose a new kind of emergency by gagging the public voices.And they should be stopped.We must protect our freedom of speech.The govt just cannot be allowed act like dictators.If they are corrupt and people speak against it or criticise then it is perfectly legal.What the govt is trying to do on the other hand is illegal and is completely against the democratic values of the 'right to freedom of speech',and people should strongly oppose.There are already strong criticisms comming from all quaters against this latest dictatorial move by the govt.Criticism from public - Read Here
Govt has already targetted all those has who has voiced against it,and the latest target is no other than 'google' itself - Read Here
The country is not the congress or gandhi family's personal property.The sooner they realise the better.Jai hind.

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  1. These guys are encouraging biased views! Well you cannot tell google to screen content every single time they index it..

    What will they do with Twitter? I still wonder!


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