I admire these guys.Really I do!

Being a big time foodie I have an insatiable passion for food.And this passion makes me go crazy restaurant and fast food joints hunting and scanning all the time.Till recently I've been a loyal fan to Mc.Donalds with their Mc.Grill Chicken being my undisputed favourite.I must've eaten hundreds of them by now,as delicious as they are.Until I discovered this new kid on the block and decided to dump the old Mc.Donalds for good.Yeah!Its the Bombay Burgers ( BB as I
call them ).And I simply love them!


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  1. Anonymous07:13

    Hey ND, I have seen Bombay Burgers outlets both at Chembur and Ghatkopar stn. The Ghatkopar one being very recent. Just wanted to know if they have any other branches elsewhere in Mumbai..wud be helpful for my friends on the western side...


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