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Ever since there has been electronic media/internet news these days reaches instantly and sometimes violent ( killings & riots ) reactions to these news spread faster as well. Be it the DANISH CARTOONS or Geert Wilder's controversial film FITNA,now another incident of a controversial movie INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS has sparked flames all across the Arab world.
Some other controversial Geert Wilders videos :
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Really shocked by the guwahati molestation incident. More shocked I am by the pub culture creeping into the city with gals becoming too bold and boozing away in pubs/public at midnights. Pubs and discos were banned till few years ago, I feel people are losing their small city innocence. Law shud be strictly enforced and nothing justify their animal type behaviour....but I feel assamese girls too should not suddenly change their culture and do all these boozing etc, in public, at midnights etc since this type of thing is very new in these parts and people are quite old fashioned. Assamese people are quite traditional compared to other north-eastern states like meghlaya, mizoram, nagaland (christian states) etc, where boozing/drugs may be common.
What's the Similarity & Difference between Atal.B.Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh? Shockingly there are more similarities and differences. Check It Out!
1. Similarity - ye dono hypocrites rahe hai, upar honesty ka naqab lekin un dono ke naak ke niche dusre log lootne ki puri azadi.
2. Similarity - both knew everything but still protected sonia n rahul. Vajpaye protected sonia on bofors, and rahul in the FBI case. Manmohan protecting them 2g,3g,cwg,sonia g
3. Similarity - Vajpayee had pramod mahajan, bangaru laxman... Manmohan has sonia, chidambaram.
4.Manmohan is direct puppet, Atal bihari is indirect puppet.
5. Similarity - Both loves muslims. While vajpayee ran to hug pakis as soon as he became PM, and declared proudly on doubling haj subsidy..Manmohan went a step ahead and declared muslims have first right to resources, and compensation to terrorist families.
6. Similarity - Both are experts in doing maun vrat, however, difference is Manmohan is always maun and vajpayee used to take long maun vrats between each line when he recited poetry
With Jaya bachan already Rajya sabha, and Rekha joining in now...its matter of time Amitabh join them and we get to see Silsila 2
An important article has caught my attention. Why do we have all our public buildings/institutions/schemes named after the trio Nehru, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. It really boggles the mind. Read this letter to the CEC by to understand congress's game plan.
Read it here
In bombay, the roads which have no trees on the sides are scorching hot, unbearable to walk. But those that have trees on the sides are shady, cool, breezy and a pleasure to walk even during afternoon. Hope govt fills up the road sides with trees. How to make govt take this step? Any hope?
With UPA swimming in one scam after another, it was getting more fun watching its MP getting caught in porn scandals. Lage raho, no potboiler can match this.
What's with tamil politicians? All seem to be heading to tihar with another tamil @swamy39 gunning for them!
26/11 Kasab still alive enjoying Biriyani and z+security worth crores. Hail the Indian hospitality. Aatithi devo bhawo koyi indians se seekhe! Right?
Death of Steve Jobs due to cancer. Really sad. The man behind Apple Ipod, Ipad etc. It means no matter how great technology man manages to make, there's another 'One' up there with even greater technology!
Another bomb blast! This time in Delhi. While our politicians we vote for, to make our country secure, have Z+ security to protect them 24x7; we the citizens, are left to fend for ourselves with no guaranty of our lives. And our shameless leaders gives excuses that all security agencies were busy because of Anna's movement, hence, they couldn't pay attention to terrorism threat. Whoah! Welcome to India!
At the climax of the huge Anna mega drama, we have 2 icons. 42 year old Rahul Gandhi, as gay icon. And 74 year old Anna Hazare, as youth icon.
After 288 hours i.e 12 days Anna breaks his fast! And the nation sighs in relief. With govt agreeing to most points for the lokpal bill, its surely a victory time for indians in succeeding to make the govt bend!
Rahul gandhi parrots from a prior written speech, that anna type peaceful demonstrations are a threat to democracy and that corruption can't be weeded out just by passing a bill. He needs some brains ! Seriously its high time!
JanLokpal bill laya to pura parliament khali ho jayega aur sare future ke parliamentary sessions Tihar jail se hoga. Speaker Kasab hoga :D That's why congress is so reluctant to pass the bill.
First police arrests Anna, and puts him into jail. Later releases him, but Anna refuses to come out of jail. Govt requests him to leave jail, but he doesn't. all these..govt must be sweating!
Sonia is very cunning woman, yeh baat to manni padegi. Usko pata tha Anna august mei fast karne wale hai isliye timing match karke gayab huwi! She was alright before,no visible sign of illness, phir achanak yeisa kya huwa jo secretly abroad jaake surgery karna pade? Moreover, she wanted to give reservations to ST/OBC so that they become doctors, but khud ke ilaaz ke liye ran away abroad! No trust in Indian doctors?
As Kasab celebrated his birthday today 13th july, his jihadi brothers blasted Mumbai city in celebration killing and injuring many. So, will govt continue keeping him alive by feeding biriyani or is the govt waiting for some plane hijack to release kasab? Ya govt is indirectly controlling india's population by letting terrorists bomb and kill people?

Must read article on the CV Bill :

When Ramdev was on fast regarding the black money at swiss banks, madam Sonia and her son was in Europe/Switzerland! Any guesses, what mother son duo were doing there, when whole country had come together to fight for this cause? Some years ago, a swiss magazine had published Rajiv Gandhi had billions of dollars in swiss accounts. Could it be, madam sonia clearing these accounts and moving the money to some safer location? While her trusted slave digvijay singh says to media that her mother is sick !

Its sad, congress is so addicted to power and misusing it. Protests, rallies and demonstrations are a vital part of democracy esp non-violent ones. Govt has no right to behave like dictators attacking defenceless protesters while they were sleeping at midnight.

Ramdev's fast against black money corruption ends abruptly by police attacking with lathi charge, tear gas on the sleeping, hungry protesters at midnight! What kind of country are we living where non-violent protesters are attacked, and people who make anti-india speeches roam around free!!?

Really worth reading! How Indians have been looted by powerful dacoits!

With so many scamster and criminal politicians we have around us, next session of parliament should be held from Tihar jail!

Some years ago congress used to issue voters ID n ration cards to illegal bangladeshis to help them win elections. Few years later, these bangladeshis formed their own party and gave outside support to congress. Later on, as their numbers grew so did their demands. This bangladeshi party decided to contest elections. The elected MLAs would then be the king-maker if they supported congress. Now their strength has grown so much, they've formed the main opposition party eliminating the previous AGP. Its only a matter of time before these bangladeshis become the ruling party of Assam! God help assam.

Osama belonging to Yemen, dies somewhere in Pakistan and certain local Indians do prayer service in certain mosques of Kerala and Kolkatta to mourn his death! Does it mean We got osama fans here in India?

While bal thackrey ( self declared protector of hindu culture) 's nephew is a dance bar owner, Osama bin laden's niece is a lingerie model and a stripper in the west. So much for saving islam and hinduism! These dudes can't protect their own culture and religion at their homes, aur chale hai duniya sudharne!

Very interesting article about our Italian queen ruling us ! > World's #9 Most Powerful Person Now Accused of Corruption -- Will She Fall?

Good news : Kalmadi gets arrested. Better news : He gets hit by slippers thrown at him! Best news : Indian public finally waking up from their slumber and getting united against corruption n corrupt politicians!

Anna Hazare..everyones talking abt him last few days! But for a country, where right from the office peon/clerk asking for 'chai/nasta bribe' to forward a simple file to the gas wala, post man almost demanding a 'bakshis', to the domestic maid threatening every now and then for a new saree/extra money. Will corruption bill work? When its so deep rooted and everyone is part of it directly or indirectly, not to mention bigger players such as politicians, industrialists? Hmmm...

Massive earthquake/tsunami in Japan. So sad and helpless situation. Its also a lesson no matter how modern we get with all the latest gadgets and electronic stuff which japan is so famous for, nothing is bigger than nature. It can just wash or burn everything away, in seconds.

Baba Ramdev's Bharat Swabhimaan yatra rocks and his war against corruption. Let's hope he doesn't end up being like other politicians, and really take out the country from clutches of scams and corruptions.

Which link has more mad, dumb and idiot people in it?
(a) ..or link
I think both the links are disgusting! :x

Rahul gandhi gets out of car, eats samosa. Rahul gandhi gets out of car, relishes jalebi. Rahul gandhi gets out of car, have chai. Rahul gandhi gets out of car, goes to dalit house. Rahul gandhi gets out of car, has a beard. Rahul gandhi gets out of car, now clean shaved. Rahul gandhi gets out of car, helps someone. Why can't he just stay inside the car and ask his PR to shut up !

India has had so many corruption and scam scandals running into thousands of crores, makes me wonder are we so rich a country, having so much money that we have these money scams all the time involving politicians and industrialists?

India is ranked 3rd in the world of women smokers, and the blame has been put on young modern women as trying to ape the west, and thus losing Indian culture. But I've seen more rural or labourer women smoking Bidi/beedi than the city ones smoking cigs. Bidi is not smoking? eh? They should include rural survey as well
Our PM is the most spineless remote controlled PM ever, with the reins firmly in the hands of an Italian (Sonia G)! How pathetic! In a country of over a billion, we are still ruled upon by outsiders.
Vande Mataram is our National Song, which was extensively used during our Freedom struggle as it means bowing to mother/mother land with respect. However, the 2nd largest community in India i.e the Muslims refuses to sing Vande Mataram or even refuses to acknowledge its importance, saying that its shrik/sin!
There has been many fatwas against it, showing their intolerance towards it! Why? Answer is : Islam has been created to oppose all other religions. Its main Slogan or Azan, sung 5 times during the day loudly everywhere in mosque's loud speakers means "La illa hi ilallah, muhamadur rasool alah" which means "there's no God but allah, and Muhamad is the messenger of Allah, and other religions are false. So, if hindu or other religion says 'bow to your mother' is respect, islam will oppose and say its shrik. They say only allah is worth worshipping, however, if someone draws some harmless cartoon of their prophet, they are ready to kill even! And btw A.R Rahman was hindu before he converted, so, he has no problem singing Vande Mataram.
Rahul gandhi as our future PM? A big NO ! Can't even imagine why congress is shamelessly projecting him as next PM! What's his qualification other than being born in Gandhi family? I hope Indians wake up and kick out dynasty politics. Shameless and sold out media would never fail to stoop to low levels calling him 'prince' or 'yuvraj'! Its really disgusting!
Can our Govt ever solve any problem? For over 60yrs, it has failed to solve Kashmir and North-East problem, and the ever growing illegal bangladeshi problem !!
India too soft on Terror? India seems to be safe haven for terrorists....with terrorists like Afzal guru [ inspite of Supreme court judgment ] is enjoying Biriyani with tax payer's money! And Kasab, whom the whole world saw shooting and killing people, is everyday doing nautanki in court and making fun of our judicial system!! Is the govt interested in protecting its citizens????ever???
Amrika (usa) most dumbest bully. Itna bewakuf country maine kahi nahi dekhi. They make terrorists like taliban to annoy others, and when taliban starts screwing Amrika, they keep giving money to pakistan who are protectors of taliban. They give petro-dollars to saudi, which in turn, fund all the wahabbi madrasas all around the world! They scream and shout that China restricts freedom of speech, yet, when Wikileaks publishes some war documents and cables, they call it treason and behave like hypocrites. Uncle Sam ka kya kare!? Hmph!
Deeply saddened by the Varanasi bomb blast. This country has been bleeding not for years, but for centuries, due to radical jiadists. But still, the govt has no spine to hang terrorists like afzal guru, kasab and others! So when terrorists are fed biriyani with tax payer's money, more and more blasts happening across the country should not be surprising. India is perhaps the only country where terrorists are safest and protected, whereas, the common man has no idea if he would arrive home safe everyday. Really pathetic!
Boy Oh Boy! Truth about Gandhi's sex life >
NASA scientists have discovered a new 'arsenic' based life form. This bacteria is unlike any form of life on earth, which goes on to prove the possibility of other forms of life, which we humans cannot see, on this earth itself or elsewhere on other planets. Amazing! I've always believed there are unseen 'entities' in this world, as well as, life exists on other planets in this vast universe. Well, the scientists have discovered a milestone, there could be millions more. Really exciting. Hope more discoveries are made in this regard.
A hindu gal's body had to be exhumed and reburied after muslims raised objection after she was buried in their cemetery in rawalpindi/pakistan. The body was again reburied in a nearby christian cemetery. Is this what religion of peace teaches? Discrimination even after death? They demanded that the body be removed immediately as a non-muslim's body made that place impure, and thus, had to be purified! Oh! Man..these religious bigots are such creeps.
Wiki Leaks rocks! Sabka pol kholke rakhde.
Raj thackrey/MNS are demanding marathi movies, marathi magazines and newspapers onboard Jet Airways flight that start from bombay. My question is why only on jet, why don't they have guts to demand on Air india, kingfisher and other flights? They've warned of dire consequences if their demand is not met. Hmmm..dhamki and goondgardi is that all they know?
Very interesting, a scientific study observes that good looking couples are more likely to have daughters. Then what about couples who has both son & daughter? How dumb these studies are!
This is terrible. | Facing Extinction - 10 Species You Can Kiss Goodbye | LiveScience
Lalu had once said,'Jab tak samose mei rahega aalu, tab tak bihar mei rahega lalu'! Well.. the biharis seemed to have gotten smarter, while keeping the aalu intact in the samosa, they've kicked lalu out.
Who gets our Email accounts and other Digital Property After Death?
Scientists reveiled RAM setu was manmade 17 lakh year old.
Truely Amazing ! Father of Moti Lal Nehru;The Story of Gangadhar |
Read somewhere Barkha dutt, ndtv news anchor was married to Abu Azmi, father in law of actress Ayesha Takiya and also samajwadi party MP and after divorce she married a kashmiri muslim banker. Hmmm..that explains, why she is so anti-hindu and loves bashing hinduism 24x7! :x
Sycophant media keeps reporting about Rahul Gandhi relishing samosa/jalebi, or having tea in a street dhaba, visit dalit home. Is that all the 'work' rahul gandhi does? Really pathetic, sycophant media needs some serious whipping!
Very annoyed at govt, for not arresting Arundhati roy and Geelani for continuously making anti-india speeches!
Japan panics about the rise of "herbivores"— young men who shun sex, don't spend money, and like taking walks. |
USA keeps pumping in billions of dollars into Pakistan, and pakistan keeps pumping out more and more terrorists to all over the world! So, who is indirectly sponsoring terrorism?
Amazing ! Indonesian 'Tree Man' trapped in his mutating body
Putenham : England's 'dogging' destination, where the British love to dog in public


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