My earliest introduction to the World Wide Web was during Feb'2000. Those days Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediff were the only websites we knew about. Needless to say, from then onwards, I've seen the web grow right before my eyes. More important however, has been the growth and evolution of my ISP [internet service provider] which I witnessed 'cos it was most important than web itself - as it connected me to it. Journey of my ISP has been a roller coaster as well!
There was no broadband, Wi-fi...and we were totally dependent on the whims and fancies of Almighty Govt's poor telecom services such as Bsnl, Mtnl which provided the typical Dial-Up connectivity.

The internet bill ran into thousands, hence, was quite expensive. Then slowly cyber-cafes began sprouting in every corner which provided access at somewhat reasonable rates, which was a far better option if we were to chat for hours with strangers in various Yahoo and Mirc chat-rooms. Mind you, there was no social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Itimes etc that time. So, these chat-rooms were the only place where we used to hang around. It was blind-chatting those times, 'cos nobody shared pics/videos/cams; so, we did not know who we were talking to :O However, it was more than enough for us, and we were on the verge of becoming net addicts. I sure as hell was :-)

Then broadband came, which was still expensive for personal connections, until, the cost started climbing down with options like low cost-free night surfing etc, while day time peak hours remained high. Then by God's grace, and those techno wizards, marvellous inventions and tiny little miracles started flooding the market. These devices were gprs/cdma/wap enabled Iphone, Blackberry,and other Smart phones which brought internet literally at the palms of our hands compared to the bulky desktops and expensive laptops we have been using so far. Now internet had gone mobile.

Mobile internet cost much less compared to broadband. Of course, 3G/4G's are costly, but, the normal Gprs/Cdma connections are far cheaper and worked fine. I remember, my first internet bill was almost Rs.7000 a month, way back in Feb'2000 ( which set my parent's eyes ),now same unlimited access via gprs was Rs.98 a month, which is damn cheap I say, when I think of the thousands spent over the past years. [ Hopefully rates would get lower or become totally free in coming days. Wi-fi is already free in public places also known as Hot-Spots ]

Initially the wap/mobile browsing loaded pages only filled with texts which was bit dull, now however, with compressed data technology new browsers load full websites with all their graphics/videos which is a big Treat. You can access full website on mobile, and you can literally throw away those desktops/broadbands!

So Web changed, 'Connectivity' ie my ISP changed, but did I change? No! I'm as addicted as ever ;) and will be for a long long time! For ever ! ;)
This must be the exact story with all of you reading the blog right now. All would agree the journey of the ISP has changed our lives altogether !
My life gets paralysed without my ISP!

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