Kashmir is the Crown in the head of India, however, since last 60+ years it has been the major headache for India ~ with 4 wars fought over it with Pakistan ( 48,65,71,kargil ), and the on going Proxy war last 20 yrs. Hindu king had annexed the muslim majority kingdom with India in '47. In 48, Pakistan sent its tribals/kabalees across to grab it, which resulted in the war. Gandhi sat down on a fast for Rs55 crore to be given to Pakistan (one main reason stated by Nathuram Godse why he shot Gandhi as India would be perhaps the only country in this world giving the enemy country money in middle of a war) ( We had already seen million deaths and destruction during the partition )

As if it wasn't enough, Nehru made the kashmir problem 'international' by taking it to the UN, promising to hold plebiscite. Gandhi and Nehru gifted us with this problem which has cost numerous lives not to mention loss of money, property with the various terrorist attacks our country has been facing via the Pakistan sponsored proxy war. Why does Pakistan want Kashmir? Only because of muslim issue? Doesn't seem so, because, there are other places in India with more muslims. Pakistan want Kashmir because of its water resources. Akshai chin wasn't useful that's why that part they gifted to China. After loosing several wars with India, it started the proxy war whereby they gave moral and logistical support to kashmiri youth, brainwashing them with the rigid wahabbi islam doctrines which spread quickly all over the valley spewing hatred against kafir India and its army.To further fulfil their Islamization of Kashmir agenda, they threw out the 4 million kashmiri pandits from the valley who are living as refugees in their own country since 89'.

Kashmir which used to be a sufi influenced culture, and the kashmiris liberal and secular, is now gradually moving towards strict wahabbi non-inclusive islam. Kashmiri women never wore burkha for centuries, but now, burkha/niqaab are common sight in the valley.With the article 370 giving special status to kashmir, no indian can purchase property or settle there.

These factors are alienating Kashmir more and more from mainland. Ever since independence, congress has been in power majority of its years, still, it has been a complete failure in solving the kashmir problem. Congress the most communal party with its vote bank politics and its obvious soft favoritism towards terrorists. Why else a convicted terrorist like afzal guru [ who attacked the Indian Parliament ] not hanged inspite of Supreme Court orders, also announcing compensation to terrorist families. ( FYI, Afzal Guru has been since hanged )
Indian army has an extremely difficult job at hand where pro-paki separatists e.g Geelani are being tolerated, likes of which have been instrumental in anti-india speeches and slogans throughout the valley which easily brainwashes the youth. Pakistan has been successful in using islam sentiments/emotions like it did with talibans during soviet era.

Kashmiri youths stone pelting at army has become a common practice like palestinians do with Israely army, and situation is getting worse with the new generation having seen bullets, violence and deaths since the last 20 yrs. An average 20yr old kashmiri has seen only bullets since its easy to understand the growing frustration.

Will India lose Kashmir? Highly likely, if we don't take immediate measures. India can't bear to loose kashmir, because with the head gone the protection that the mountains provide will be gone, and pakistan and china will be literally on our heads! The water resources of Kashmir are important for hydro-power projects, and moreover, its an integral part of India. So India can't afford to loose Kashmir protecting which many of our brave soldiers laid down their lives.
The Govt should take strict actions against the pro-paki jihadi separatists and not allow them upper hand in the name of freedom of speech. Those wanting freedom from India should be deported [ immediately to their favorite place - Pakistan ]. Their dream of Azad Kashmir is a big myth, because, POK & so called Azad Kashmir controlled by Pakistan is nowhere azad. ( Pakistan has settled their afghan kabalees and punjabis in bulk in those regions )!!If azad means being part of Pakistan, then, we have to treat those separatists harshly!!

However, immediate removal of article 370 is the main step for Indians to really claim Kashmir [ not to forget the violent reactions in the valley with the decision to give land to make fascilities for the Amarnath yatris, which had to be later revoked, (that's how they treat hindu minority rights in muslim majority region; whereas, in rest of India, minorities are to have first right to resources as declared by who else but by the congress Govt itself ) ]
Govt should resettle back the kashmiri pandits better armed, also sikhs and hindus in large numbers from other parts so that jihadis are outnumbered. Only then, this throbbing headache will subside.

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